Dojo Re-opening!! The New Dojo is HERE!!!

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The Dojo has officially re-opened, and is better than ever!!!

The Dojo is now back!! After being Struck by lightning, The dojo was buried and damaged. Now, 2 weeks later, its finally back!!!You may or may not have noticed, but the map was re-made. While the iceberg remains hidden, the dojo is now visible to everyone. When you click the building, you go strait to the ‘Dojo Courtyard’ . You can go to a green Wheel Barrel and get some Sandals. Then head inside.

Inside is amazing. Trees, paintings,and a gong Show every 5 minutes. When the clock hits zero, throw snowballs at the gong, and this lasts only about 30 secs.

Jitsu Reminder: Nov. 17, Ninja Jitsu Cards Hit CP!! (P.S, the, the FIRE,ICE,and WATER symbols everywhere, i think, has something to do with the Jitsu cards.So remember this, just in case : WATER Puts out FIRE, FIRE melts ICE, ICE freezes WATER.


Dojo Grand Reopening

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As you all know, the dojo was hit by lightning. You could go outside through a hole in the roof. Outside, there was a mysterouse penguin, known only by ??????. We now know who he is:

Sensei says he plans the Reoprning to be from Nov. 12-17. On the 17, he plans to start Ninja training! In my last post, i told you how i might think this would happen. i was rite. He says you will nees speacial Jitsu Cards to train. You must use them to defeat othere. He says he will give you a starting pack, and i guess you buy the rest. As you progress, you earn belts to proudly wear.

Dojo Disaster: Update

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As you all know, the dojo was struck by lightning recently. A Scalfolding was built, and we were able to go outside, and so began Operation Dig out the Dojo. When i visited today, i noticed a sign inside that read something like “Lessons start Nov. 17”. Remember the Mysterious Penguin digging towards the Dojo, known only as ??????? ? Well, i think he isn’t just some random, but is, in fact, a ninja master, digging to the Dojo from a different ‘country’ to pass on the arts, and help us in our fight against Herbert. (I think CP is going through with the idea i sent in about mingling with other “countries” ans islands, and they said they would try to make igloo backgrounds)

Anyway, Operation Dig out the Dojo is proving Succesful. We are finally getting a glimpse of the outside of the Dojo. I’ll update as soon as more discoveries are made.

Urgent dojo Disaster!!

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On November 3rd, 2008, reports flowed in from all over the island claiming the dojo was struck by lightning!! Construction to repair the dojo is immediatly under way. While i was there, i noticed a hole in the dojo, and went there. I saw a strange penguin. I asked for his name, but he continued to smile and dig. i’ll have a vid asap.

Chinese democracy by GNR Widget

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[clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”49077a885f274108″ pid=”49119468281e3d05″ width=”400″ height=”520″ domain=””]

Gary the Gadget guy on CP

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Gary the Gadget Guy (A.K.A G)  now waddles on CP!!

The following video does not belong to me.

Hallow’s Eve Party Party ’08

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On October 29,2008. CP kicked off the 2008 Halloween/Hallow’s Eve Party!

First off, the tric or treating! Here is a list of all the free items and candy!

Science Lab-Go to the book room. Click the Emerald candle, and a small door will open. You need the Rad Scientist Costume to enter, so equip it, enter, and get ya lantern.

Free Halloween Bucket- Go to the Snow forts, and claim the bucket.NOTE: These are given every year.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CANDY HUNTZ!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                   

Ok, i’m not one of those people who post the question and all that, i just post da important stuff :D.

Candy Corn- Go to the dance the tall lamp in the back, and you’ll see a triangular shadow. Click it, and claim your corn.

Tootsie-Roll…thing- Go to the book room. Find the Emerald Candle.Look at the book on top of that shelf. Click it, and get the Roll.

Pumpkin Jaw Breaker- Go to the cove. Click the DANGER sign in the water. The candy will fly to the top of the Surf Shack. Click it.

Hard Candy- Go to the plaza. Click the couldron. If you clicked the right spot, the candy should float up.

Caramal Cube-Go to the Ice Burg (Its hidden, you’ll have to click the Ice Burg…duh) Simply click the Northern Lights.

Lollipop- Go to the Skii Lodge Attic. Click the Blue Boc by the Candles WITHOUT going downstairs (Like i did -_-), And the lolli comes bobbing up!

Chocolate- Go to the Snow Forts. Click the blue flag.It will lower, and the Candy will be Waved.

My fav!! is next!!

Candy Apple- Go to the beacon. Look around. No candy?! Not Excatly! Look through the telescope, and count three (3) lightning strikes. Then, close the Telescope and look at the Great Pumpkins Eye, and Voila!!!!


For finding all the candy, you recieve the “Great pumpkin Background, A.K.A a Pic of the Dock’s Halloween Costume!!!

Waddle on,